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Ch. Alkas'iber's Tres Pete ("Tres")

Tres is a veteran of long distance racing. At the young age of seventeen months, he proved himself a solid contributor to our team in the Fort Kent 250 race (Can-Am Crown). He remained on our first string until his retirement. Tres finished his championship taking points at all breed and specialty shows alike. His show career included wins at the Siberian Husky Club of America shows: the Bred by Exhibitor class, before he was a champion, and Best Veteran, long after he gained his title.

            Alkas'iber's Mighty Mouse, RN ("Mouse")                                                                                                                                  

Until his retirement, Mouse was primarily a mid-distance dog who ran any position, including lead. Even at a young age, he showed an aptitude for obedience work. He finally got a chance to prove himself at nearly fourteen years of age. He earned his Rally Novice title, with class placings at two shows. 



Ch. Kelim's Meet Joe Black ("Aries")

Though not our fastest dog, we know Aries is on the team when the dogs are towing us up hill. We can always expect Aries to give 100% in harness. An AKC Champion, he finished quickly. He enjoys the limelight of the ring. 


Alkas'iber's Man From Glad ("Wisk") 

This powerhouse of a dog has always been in the "engine room" of our team. W is the strong, silent type who always turns in a good performance. His longevity, in terms of years on our team, is remarkable- 9 years and counting.


Alkas'iber Cedar Of Ilaned ("Cedar")

Cedar (pictured left) found himself homeless a few years ago and we took him in. He's a total fluff ball, loves hugs, and is neutered. 



Alkas'iber's Back 2 The Future ("Elbee")

Elbee's experience is primary in mid-distance, where he has managed a long career. His lineage goes back to old New England lines (Igloo Pak, Yeso Pac, Monadanock) and is more representative of our foundation stock than our later additions.


        Alkas'iber Braeburn's Jato Rocket ("Jato")

Jato mixes Nekanesu and Kodiak lines in his predigree- essentially White Water Lake. Jato was a solid team dog for us for several years. Unfortunately, he suffered a bone break that has ended his working career. 




Taysa's Urban Cowboy ("Airman")

Airman (pictured on driver's right lead) comes to us from Germany. He was bred by Taysa's Siberians and flew over to meet us when he was 5 months old. He has shown and has won points from the puppy class, and he is a dedicated sled dog who runs all positions including lead. 



Kiana's Alkasiblazer ("Blazer")

Blazer is a happy-go-lucky energy machine. Nothing stops him when he has his harness on. He will run lead, but is usually found in the engine room of the team, due to his strengh. He is well on his way to his AKC Championship, having won multiple shows to date.


Yetieska's Knight Before Christmas, RN ("Knight")

Knight is a beautiful combination of power, speed, and endurance. He is also a fast and cooperative command leader. His show career is off to a good start with wins in major competition and class placements at regional and national specialities. Knight finished his Rally Novice title with three class placings, including a 96/100.




Barkingbrook's Nimbus McCloud ("Nimbus")

Nimbus is our youngest team member. We borrowed his father, Banking Brook's Bodhi, RN, a few years ago and fell in love with him. We have been fortunate that Nimbus is growing up to be just like his dad. When one of our wheelers "aged out" this season Nimbus popped into the team for the last couple of races. Even running lead in the last race of the season and doing a great job. 



Alkas'iber's Tres Noire ("Shelby")


Shelby is a smart girl with high powers of observation. We call her our "enviromentalist" because she routinely collects litter and brings it to us for our disposal. She is on the small side, but she's a dynamo in harness. She runs in the front of the team at lead or point. She has points in the show ring. 





Alkas'iber's Yetieska's Chris Miss ("Vixen")

Vixen is a fast and enthusiasic sled dog, often up front in lead. Tireless, she enjoys every minute on the trail and is always ready to go out and run again. Maturing nicely now, and filling out her youthful frame, we hope she'll soon be ready for the show ring. 



Influential Dogs In Our Pedigrees


           Nekanesu's Pete, SDX "Pete"

Pete distinguished himself in races for Don McEwen of Nekanesu Kennels before we bought him at the age of 5. He was a veteran of the Yukon Quest, two Labrador 400's, and numerous 60-100 mile races. Though not a lead dog himself, he was the product of two of Nekaneu's finest leaders and he sired many leaders for our team and for others. 


           Ch. Alkasiber's Manly Mentor "Mentor"

Mentor was the perfect dual purpose dog. Strong and dedicated in harness, he was part of the engine room of our first string team. A veteran of mid and long distance races, he also finished his conformation championship with three regional specality wins, all under breeder-judges. 


         Ch. Alkasiber's Kid Kreko "Kreko"

Kreko was the backbone of our early teams. His traditional New England background blended Igloo Pak, Yeso Pac, and Monadnock creating a true dual purpose dog. He was a particularly good mover, and had a cheerful outgoing personality. His offspring provided much of the core of our teams from the late 80's to the millenium. 


       Alkasiber's Absolute Folly, SDO "Abe"

Son of Kreko, Abe was known as "The Little Iron Man." Only medium-sized, he was fast and powerful enough to make our long-distance team. A veteran of the Yukon Quest, Abe was outgoing and friendly, but the show ring bored him. When he retired from racing, he finally decided to give in and become a show dog. He had wins from the Veteran Class and from the Sled Dog Class, as well. 


       Alkasiber's Deno-Soar, SD "Deno"

Deno was an accomplished command lead dog and had a long career on our mid-distance and long-distance teams, but his favorite role was family dog. Like cream, he rose to the top of our kennel's milk bottle and nominated himself for occasions such as family holiday greeter, book signings, sled dog demonstrations, tv appearances, and babysitting. His versatility made him willing to lead for interns, new mushers, and guests, as well as for us. 



       Ch. Alkasiber's Silver Lining, SDX "Linus"

Linus was a powerful dog with a long stride. He had more bone than many running dogs, but was quick and nimble. On the trail and in the ring, he showed his intelligence through his excellent performances. His wins in both arenas, together with his brother's wins (Ch.Alkas'ibers Al x Canaan SDX) garnered us the SHCA's Working-Showing Trophy.


     Ch. Alkasiber's Al x Canaan, SDX "Alex"

Alex finished his Championship in three weekends of shows. His first sled dog race was the Labrador 400, which he completed with confidence in a team that finished 3rd. Though he was an excellent racer, he was best known for his flash in the show ring. Though not campaigned as a Special, he still took BOB's, Best Sled Dog, and Best Veteran/Best Veteran Sweeps in limited appearances.


        TWD's Argonaut of Alkasiber "Jordan"

Jordan's pedigree traces to the White Water Lake derivitives of Nekanesu and old Kodiak. Bred by us, but selected by another kennel, he grew up to be a most relieble leader. He was sold back to us when his owner changed to Alaskans. Like his uncle (Alkas'iber's Deno-Soar, SD), he was willing to lead for interns and guests, as well as for us. His greatest joy was running in lead, taking people on adventures. 


        Nekanesu's Scamp, S.D.O. "Scamp"

Scamp was purchased from Don McEwen's Nekanesu Kennels as an older dog. He was already a winner of many races. He was the wheel dog that every team needs and wants. A quiet fellow who just did his work, he went on to run our epic races, Labrador 400 and the Quest. 


        Alkasiber's Rapid Rosalee, S.D. "Rosalee"

Rosalee decended from White Water Lake lines and was an excellent command leader. In her early years, she mostly ran on George's long distance team, but her reliability caused Ann to steal her away for her own mid-distance team. Hard driving and independent, she understood competition and aimed to please. Bred sparingly, she nevertheless produced TWD's Argonaut of Alkas'iber, our main leader in our latter years of racing. 


       Keewatin's Mighty Mishka, S.D.O. "Minnie"

Minnie was the quintessential command leader, fast, ultra-competitive and absolutely self-assured. She decided she wanted to be up in front on her first day in harness. She was never out of that position except when being rested at point during races of over 250 miles. Devoted to George throughout literally thousands of miles of training and racing, she grudgingly ran a couple of seasons for Ann when she was finally too old for his team (She had replaced herself with her own offspring). Even when aged, Minnie managed to avoid retirement by leading two-dog teams for our daughter, Kathleen.


        Ch. Alkasiber's Pumpkin Seed, SD "Essie"

The breeding that created Essie was designed to put more "show" in our sled dogs, but Essie never doubted that she'd be a serious worker in harness. She was the youngest and least experienced dog on our Yukon Quest Team. With just two sixty mile races to her credit before that season, she performed outstandingly throughout the 1000 miles. She went on to finish her AKC championship, and she earned BOB's and group placings. She is remembered for her quiet, constant dedication to whatever task she was asked to do, her correct movement, and her gorgeous working feet.


      Ch. Alkasiber's Editorial Comment, S.D.X "Oprah"

Oprah was the product of two excellent leaders, Alkasiber's Steely Dan, SDX and Keewatin's Mighty Mishka, SDO. Her list of racing accomplishments included most of George's long distance persuits in the middle years of our kennel. Most importantly, Oprah was one of our key leaders in the Yukon Quest. A very intellegent and responsive dog, she always seemed to understand the task at hand and took pride in accomplishing it. Her show career included Breed wins both before and after she gained her Championship, and multiple Best Sled Dog awards. She was a beautiful, smooth mover with a stride that could match our big guys.


           Alkasiber's Steely Dan, SDX "Dan"

Dan's sire Can Ch Channikko's Nordic Digger, Am CD, Can CDX, TD, TT, took Ann's breath away when she saw him perform in Best of Breed, Sled Dog Class, and Obedience at the SHCA specialty show in Toronto in 1981. The fact that Digger was also a mid-distance lead dog peaked her decision to breed Alkasiber's first young lead bitch (Tokomac's) Makushkin Nunatak to Digger. The litter grew up to earn American and Canadian Championships, obedience titles, and sledding awards. Though not the only lead dog in the litter, Dan became the most accomplished one, leading in sprint and mid-distance races. Unfortunately, tragedy took Dan from George and Ann before he could finish his Championship, and just when he was becoming a desirable sire. He sired just four litters, but his offspring included multiple AKC and CKC Champions, Award of Merit winners, Veterans of the Yukon Quest, the Beargrease, Laborador, the Can-Am, and Marmora Championships, among other premiere races.


        Ch. Alkasiber's Blue Hubbard "Sherman" 

Sherman is the dog perhaps most representative of the physical type associated with our kennel. His pedigree combined three lineages we had worked with for many years, and he balanced a very successful show career with racing every season of his adult life. At races and at shows, participants and spectators alike were simply drawn to him. He had wonderful presence. Unfortunately, he did not have a long life, and left us longing for his sweet personality and his delightful sense of humor.


        Alkasiber's Tokomac Nite Lily "Lily" 

Lily's Parents Nekanesu's Pete, SDX and Kashellyn's Lillian were bred to create pups linebred on one of McEwen's premiere leaders, Nekanesu's Lady. Lily was mostly seen leading Ann's team with her half sister Rosalee. She was bred only once, to Ch. Alkas'iber's Al x Canaan, SDX and produced three conformation Champions and one obedience titlist. Four out of six of her offspring have been racing leaders. Three have contributed to the foundation of other kennels, including Ch. Alkasiber's Tres Pete.